Today my son and I went to Qdoba Mexican Grill for lunch. We just happened to stumble upon it doing errands out of our normal stomping grounds. I had been hearing about this place for a while and wanted to try it but hadn’t seen any in our own city. I’m awfully glad we stumbled upon it today – it’s delicious! We also found out they are opening a couple of locations a bit closer to us soon. The great thing is that you can have them make things with your choice of all different salsas, sauces, toppings, etc. Being one of those people who always order things without something or with something extra makes this type of place perfect for me. I had a naked chicken burrito – this means that it’s all the stuff they put in the burrito, but no tortilla wrapped around the outside. Instead you get chips to eat with it. Yum!

I think it’s comparable to something like St. Louis Bread Company (Panera Bread Company) as far as style of service and price of food, but just Mexican instead of sandwiches. It’s not super cheap fast food, but rather a better quality quick food. Same sort of price range that we normally spend at Bread Co. even. A thousand times better than something like Taco Bell. Portions were very generous also as neither of us were able to eat all that we got. The staff was excellent also – very friendly and helpful. We will definitely be visiting Qdoba in the future.