Ok, small rant this morning. Why do these websites send out emails that feature certain items, and then when you click on them they don’t take you to that specific item at all? Sometimes they do this same thing on the front page of their websites also. Instead of taking you the item shown, they take you to a category area. Now if the company is small and only has a few items in that category this isn’t a big deal, but for these places that carry tons of stuff it’s ridiculous! How about at least putting the name of what you call it or an item number or something to identify it so we can at least search for it on your site. I’m finding jewelry sellers to be the worst offenders with this. This morning it was Zales. I know Ice.com I’ve had problems like this with also. I just want to go look, and maybe buy, the items quickly. Not spend hours hunting down the item on your site.