A few of my favorite Thanksgiving related items. Some I have, some I just wish I had. We usually go to a buffet on Thanksgiving with a big group of friends and family, but I just found out our normal restaurant has closed. So either I find someplace new, or I may just even cook this year for Turkey Day!

Cute little wishbone necklace to wear on Thanksgiving. Would also make a great hostess gift if you wan to bring something a little less traditional.

I used to always hunt for the kitchen twine, it seems that hubby and son thought that string was good for plenty of other uses besides just trussing things to cook. Since I have this I am able to tuck it away in the cabinet and they don’t even know it’s in there. No more disappearing kitchen twine!

I think I’m going to have to order one of these! I can’t tell you how many cheapie basters I have bought only to have them leak out all over my hand, the oven, the floor, or the counter. Love that this one comes with the cleaning brush also, very handy.

A must have if you ever make sauces or gravies. OXO makes great tools and this is one of their tops. This is the big 4 cup version which you definitely need if you are making a big turkey. The plastic doesn’t get all foggy on this like I have had problems with on other brands in the past also.

Alright, toilet tattoos of turkeys LOL! This is a hoot. My aunt has a huge collection or turkey items she puts out for fall, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have this. I think I may have to order this for her and just have it shipped directly to her as a surprise.

This would be cute for the kids table to placeholders. Just lean up their name card against each rubber duck you pick out for them. Plus it will keep them occupied for a bit waiting at the table for the meal to being.