We try to make ornaments each year. A few for our own tree, and then some to give as gifts. I started this when my husband and I first were married and had very little money (hey we’ve come full circle and are back to having very little again ugh). When my son, Taylor, was old enough he began making ornaments to give as gifts.

One of my favorites was from when he was only 4 or 5 years old. So simple to do and they hold up really well. Gather up a bunch of pine cones. It doesn’t matter if they are the kind that the petals are far apart or the ones that are tightly packed. Each will work and have their own unique look.

You will also need some regular school-type glue, paper plates, something to cover your workspace, glitters (your choice of colors), shiny string or thin ribbon, and scissors.

Cover your work space for this. Pour some glue onto a paper plate. Pour your glitters onto paper plates also. One color per plate. Simply take a pine cone and roll it in the glue lightly. Then roll it in the glitter. Set aside to dry. Once dry, cut pieces of string/ribbon to tie onto the top of the pine cone so you can hang them from the tree. That’s it!

Don’t overlook the clear glitters. Those are some of my favorite as it looks like ice on the pine cones, very pretty!

Even if you don’t try this with your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbors (whoever), try doing something fun with them. If you are short on ideas try the Klutz line of books. We love these as they always give wonderful instructions and that most have all the supplies you need to get started with the book. Such a great and easy way to spend an afternoon. Thanks to The Parent Bloggers Network for this Klutz-y Blog Tour!