Rolodex for Passwords

If you have been using the internet for longer than a couple of weeks you surely have noticed the number of user IDs and passwords that you have already accumulated. So many sites require you to register to get the full benefits of what they have to offer, or you use a service of one site that works on many (like a Google or Yahoo ID). You have your ISP, email address, and on and on. Some people think you can just keep the same info for all sites, this is false. The majority will let you pick your own user ID and password, but some only use your email address, some assign you a user ID of their choosing, and you might have some personal things vs. business that you want to keep different user IDs for. For safety, it’s also safer not to have the same passwords for everything under the sun, especially anything connected to banking, shopping, or other sensitive information. More about passwords some other time.

For folks like me who have been online for years and sign up for an enormous number of sites (for whatever the reason) it becomes nearly impossible to just remember all of this information. Years ago I bought myself a small Rolodex card file to keep track of all this information. I’ve since upgraded to the larger one. My hubby and son both have their own small Rolodex now as well. I should mention we also use desktop computers primarily at each of our own desks so this solution works well for us.

Every time I register on another site, I grab a new Rolodex card and write the URL at the top, then my user ID, password, the email address I used (I have multiple emails for various uses), and any other important info I want to keep handy. Then it’s filed by the URL in my Rolodex for easy access.

I know some of you might be wondering why I just don’t keep all those things on my computer. There are several programs available, both free and pay, that will keep this data close at hand. Plus there is the option of just using a spreadsheet, notepad, database, document, etc. to keep track. Yes, all those things are options, but for me, reaching over with one hand and flipping the Rolodex to the card is much simpler.

Rolodex has a variety of designs available for what they call “Contact Management” – take a look to see what fits you best. Thank you to Tara of Feels Like Home for finally getting me to get this tip up on my blog!