Addictive Christmas Pretzels - Great for Gifts Too! | Robyns.World
These pretzels have become a tradition to make in our home. I warn you ahead of time they are addicting. Making them will take some time, but they aren’t difficult at all. The little ones can even help by placing the M&M’s on each pretzel. T has been our M&M placer every year we have made them. Over the years he has gotten much quicker so the whole process is a little faster for us. This is best done as a group effort rather than by yourself. The more hands the better! You can see our assembly line in process in the photo.

The white candy part is just the bars of melting candy you can find everywhere this time of year. It’s referred to as Almond Bark also. I would think most grocery stores would have it and I know that Walmart carries it. Craft stores that have a cake & candy making section would be a good place to look also.

Ingredients & Supplieschristmas pretzels

  • Pretzels – tiny twist shape (do NOT use a buttery flavor pretzels, we prefer Rold Gold brand)
  • White melting candy (aka Almond Bark)
  • M&M’s candy – regular variety in holiday colors
  • Waxed paper
  • Zip-Loc bags

Clear off your kitchen table or another large work area. The more room you have the better for this project. Cover your work service with sheets of waxed paper. Divide the M&M’s by color (red/green – a great job for the kids). Lay out your pretzels in a single layer on the waxed paper.

Melt the candy on the stovetop or in the microwave according to the package directions. It needs to be warm enough so that it flows easily. We do it in batches and just heat up more as we need it. Once warmed, place in a Zip-loc bag and snip off a tiny corner of the bag to dispense. Now go along and fill in the top 2 rounded portions of the pretzels with the melted candy. It’s important to have the melted candy reach all sides of each opening so that it holds together. Have someone follow behind you and drop a red M&M in one side and a green M&M on the other side.

Let the candy cool completely. Then they will easily come off the wax paper. Store in sealed containers. These make great gifts for anyone you want to give just a little something to. Get some small bags and fill with a handful of the finished pretzels and tie with a ribbon and add a tag for a cute gift.

Have you ever made pretzels like these or something similar?