baby alive doll

Need a baby doll gift for someone on your list? I had a Baby Alive when she first came out in the ’70s and LOVED it! It poops and pees and I thought that was the funniest and coolest thing ever at the time. I remember my Uncle Gary holding her and it going on him. Too funny!

I have a little cousin that is just the right age for Baby Alive I think and have been looking at them, but they were more than what I generally spend. Last night I was thrilled to find them on sale at Amazon for under $20! If you have someone who is baby doll age head on over and buy Baby Alive Learns to Potty while they last at this price! Review
The Baby Alive Learns to Potty doll from Hasbro really eats, drinks, and uses the potty. With its blinking eyes, talking mouth, and ability to “eat” and “digest” its food, this doll provides interactive and imaginative fun for children ages 3 and up.

Doll Really Talks and Eats!
This version of Baby Alive is a toddler, just the right age for potty training. She has cartoonish, oversized eyes and a head of curly hair, and comes dressed in a bib and a removable dress. Press the button on her bracelet to turn her on; she’ll “wake up” and say “I Love You Mommy.” When she talks, her eyes blink and her mouth moves in sync with her words. When she says “I’m hungry,” that’s the cue to feed her.

The doll comes with a bowl and two baby food mixes. Mix one baby food packet with water and feed it to her with the included spoon. She’ll “chew,” ask for more, and say the food is yummy. She needs water, too: she can drink real water from the included baby bottle.

Potty Training Time
After she’s done eating, the doll will say she has to go potty. Sit her on the included toilet, and she will really go. But watch out: if you wait too long, the doll will say, “Uh, oh, I had an accident,” and she’ll go in her diaper — or all over you, if you’re not careful! She comes with an extra diaper and wipes for cleaning and changing.

Baby Alive’s most unique feature is that she gets better at using the potty after every feeding session: after the second session, she will ask to use the potty twice before going in her diaper, and after the third feeding, she’ll ask to go three times before having an accident, and so on until the fifth feeding. (The doll’s potty training feature can be reset, so your child can “teach” her to use the potty over and over again.)

Interactive Role-Playing Fun
While some talking toys simply recite phrases at children, Baby Alive takes it a step further by offering the opportunity for interaction. As well as asking for food and using the potty, she also will ask your child to sing songs, play, or give her a hug — each of which invites a response. We particularly like that her interactive features allow for role-playing fun, which is a vital part of a young child’s development.

However, because of the potential for mess, this is not a toy for independent play, especially for younger children, and especially if you’d like your house to stay tidy. So parents and caregivers need to be on hand — and they need to be prepared to clean up some messes! The doll also requires cleaning between feedings and potty sessions to keep it working properly.