We aren’t quite ready to start back to the full swing of school for Taylor yet, but as a homeschooling mom I have to start planning ahead in the summer months. Keeping organized is always a challenge but I have found that once we moved into a specific space instead of the kitchen table it helped a lot. We are actually going to be swapping Taylor’s bedroom and our home office soon so hopefully that will give us a little more space to do school in the office even.

 Smead Organomics
I’ve come across another helpful site with great organizing ideas. Smead has a great website called Organomics. They have tons of useful tips and ideas for keeping so much organized at both the office and at home. Obviously they have the products they suggest you use, but what I like is that they show you the best ways to use those products. Sometimes I find things I like at the store but I’m not really sure the best way to implement them.

If you go to the My Organomics section you can get custom solutions for your own needs and style of organization even. Just answer a few questions and Smead will start pointing you in the right direction. I did this for myself and found some great ideas including using expanding files for our homeschool stuff. I already use them for a few other things, but for some reason hadn’t thought about using them for school. Now I’m going to ask Taylor to answer the questions as well and look at the personalized suggestions. We have different styles and he needs different ways to keep his own work organized.

Swing by Organomics to see if you can find some tips to help you organize your homeschool, your home office, or help your kids organize their own desk area.