We like crunchy snacks in our house, I think there must be something stuck in our brain that crunchy equals yummy. Who knows? However, I do know that lots of salty chips aren’t the way to go. We all have been trying Funky Monkey at our house – it is essentially freeze dried fruit.

First off – it’s good! We tried the Applemon, apples with cinnamon, the Pink Pineapple, pineapple with guava, and MangOJ, mango with orange juice (there are other flavors too). Hubby liked the Applemon the best – he loves dehydrated apples so that makes sense. He felt they aren’t quite as sweet, in a good way, than other “apple chips” he has had. Probably because there is no sugar added to Funky Monkey. Taylor and I both liked the Pink Pineapple the best. This one isn’t crunchy really, but it just tastes wonderful. A little tangy like pineapple, but sweet at the same time. The MangOJ is good too – and this one is super crunchy -almost like a brittle candy would be.

With all the Funky Monkey there is 100% real fruit, 100% fat free, no sugar added, and gluten free. There are no preservatives, colorings or flavorings either. If you are a Vegan or are into raw food – Funky Monkey fits the bill! Now I know someone will ask about sugars – obviously being fruit it has some natural sugars in it. The varieties we tried are each about 21g of sugars per serving – a serving is an entire 1oz package (it really is a lot of fruit). The USDA defines 1/4 cup of freeze-dried fruit as 1 serving of fruit – that means each bag of Funky Monkey gives you 3 servings of your daily fruit requirements!

With the cute monkey on the package you might think these are just for little kids, but not so. We all really enjoyed them in our family and I would buy them again for any of us. These are the kind of fun little packages of treats that I like to have in Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, etc. as well. I’m not big on putting a lot of candy in those things – so I look for other types of individually packaged snacks and Funky Monkey is perfect for this! I also like snacks like this for munching on while gaming, watching movies, in the car, or on the go. Funky Monkey is available online thru Amazon and at stores like Whole Foods (more locations here). Learn more about Funky Monkey on their website, plus you can fan Funky Monkey on Facebook, and even follow them on Twitter @FunkyMonkeySnck.
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