Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas

We always try to add to the ornaments each year. It really isn’t so much about what the ornament is when we make homemade ones, but more just the experience of spending time together and enjoying making crafts together. There are no rules for these ornaments, anyone can use anything they want and make whatever they want. Here are the creations from myself, Hubby, and Taylor for 2009.

Homemade Christmas Ornament - Swirled Paint
This is a plain glass ornament that I just added white & blue paint in and swirled.

Homemade Christmas Ornament - Use fancy threads inside a glass ball ornament
Taylor cut up pieces of this pretty eyelash string we had in the craft cabinet with teal and gold threads in it. It is one of my favorites this year.

Homemade Christmas Ornament - Recycle old lightbulbs and decorate the outside

Some of our ornaments are recycled, like this burnt out light bulb. Hubby just used black glitter glue and blue glitter glue in squiggles on the outside.

Homemade Christmas Ornament - Straws

This is Taylor’s straw ornament. We have an entire case of straws (it was cheaper to buy a case than a small package for some homeschool projects) and so he cut them into small pieces and put them in the clear ornament. Then he added some turquoise paint and a bit of water and shook it up. Then we drained the excess.

Homemade Christmas Ornament - Use letter stickers and paint over

My nod to Sesame Street’s Anniversary this year. I just used vinyl letters all over the ornament and then used Rub ‘n Buff gold over the top. Then the letters were peeled off.

homemade christmas ornament-old computer parts

Taylor decided to recycle his old dial-up modem for a tech feel for the tree!

homemade christmas ornament-lightbulb 2

Another recycled light bulb ornament, this one from Taylor. We have lots of vinyl contact paper in all colors – he just cut squiggles out and stuck them on.

homemade christmas ornament decorated with glitter glue swirls

I liked Hubby’s squiggly glitter light bulb, so I used a round ornament and gold glitter to make something sort of similar.

homemade christmas ornament decorated with googly eyes

I love googly eyes! This ornament just has a bunch hot glued on the outside. Then I used hot pink paint poured in the inside and swirled around and then empty out the extra paint.

homemade christmas ornament boobs

Like I said, there are no rules for making ornaments at our house. Hubby decided he would make this boob ornament – yes, he is a boob man. He is very proud of these – men!

We have done a lot of the glass ball ornaments over the past few years, so next year I think I will not buy those next year and see what other creative things we can come up with. I highly recommend you give a try at sitting down and just having fun making ornaments with your family. Remember, it is the experience more than the finished project.

Do you make your own ornaments? If so, what kind do you make? If you have a blog post or pictures up somewhere leave the link to share with all of us!