Making a Time Capsule | Robyns.World

Today we made a time capsule. Nothing fancy, just a fun thing to do this time of year. I knew we were planning on making one today so it was ironic when a friend of the family called last night to tell me that she and the whole gang that they always hang out with on New Year’s Eve (including my parents) were opening their time capsule kit that I had given them 10 years ago. She said they were having so much fun going through everything.

I didn’t have a store bought kit for us to use this year, instead I re-purposed my popcorn tin from The Popcorn Factory as our container. We are not going to be burying this outside, just burying in the back of the closet so this was perfect. I just printed out the label on my printer and ran it through my Xyron machine to make it into a sticker. We sealed the can with packing tape when we were done.

Inside we include today’s newspaper, some little odds and ends like guitar pics, a blank DVD, some trading cards, and other things. I also made up a questionnaire for each of us to complete. You can put anything you want on it – I had things like your favorite food, last song you listened to on your iPod, your goals for 10 years from now, favorite band, sign your name (to compare handwriting) – those kinds of things. Then I also printed up a sheet for all of our pets with a picture of them and their names. I did a sheet with pictures of our house today. Taylor included a printout of his character, Mini, from World of Warcraft. Surely computers will change a lot over the next 10 years so I printed out the specs of my newest desktop computer to include also. You get the idea – just things about your current life – things that are important to you and the members of your family. Tuck everything into your capsule and seal it up. Decide upon a time to open it up and just wait!