On The CuffDuh! Why didn’t I think of that? This is a very clever product, On The Cuff. It is a simple sponge type of “bracelet” to wear when washing your face, doing chores, washing the car, etc. to keep the water from running down your arms.

I received a sample set in the mail and you really instantly wonder how now one else has thought of this before. The come in the nifty little bag for easy storage, I like that so they have a home because on their own they might become one of those “what the heck is this for” items. You just simply slide one over each wrist. Now they are one size fits most. When they first arrived, being a plus size girl they honestly felt snug to me. Taylor tried them and they went on fine. Then I asked Hubby, a regular sized guy, to try them and he couldn’t get them on right then. So I emailed the folks at On The Cuff to ask about this. Here is the answer we got from the designer of On The Cuff:

One of the great features of ON THE CUFF is the unique STRETCH QUALITY of the material which makes it perfect for a variety of wrist sizes. There is no need to be timid when putting the “cuffs” on because the material is designed to be pulled over the hand without tearing. At first glance you might think the hole looks small but it will stretch to a great degree, the “cuffs” can also be stretched out by pulling on them before putting on. My husband is a “big guy” and has no problem when putting them on, as I mentioned the stretch quality is important to note.

I am happy to report that we have sold thousands of ON THE CUFF and never had a single customer contact us with this concern. It might also be helpful to view the video on the home page of our website which demonstrates the stretch quality.

So I just stretched them a bit as suggested and it worked just fine! Now all of us can use them. Do they work on keeping the water off your arms? Yep! Sure do! I love that because I hate when I wash my face and the soapy water runs down my arm especially. This solves that problem so easily! On The Cuff’s cost just $7.99 per pair and can be ordered from OnTheCuff.net

Disclosure: I received a sample of On The Cuff to review for this post from the company who I was introduced to via The Product Review Place.