Teenage years are tough but having B.O. can make it impossible! Taylor asked for deodorant when he was about 10 I think. There wasn’t any odor issue going on, I think he just felt it was part of growing up. We went to the store and he sniffed every single deodorant they had I think – literally! He finally decided on some and became an occasional user. It was not too much later that it became obvious (wow!) that he needed to be an everyday user. He came in from riding his bike one day and came over by me and reached for something and holy moley I got a whiff! We had already had plenty of discussions about changes that would be happening to him and so it was very easy to just let him know that it was time for him to start using his deodorant each day. Hubby and I have felt that being open and honest and talking about body odor and other changes was the best way to help Taylor not be embarrassed about those changes as they happened. It doesn’t mean you have to have one big giant talk about things, rather we have approached it bit by bit and when conversations led us that way to include information when we could. Some of our talks are serious, some are more funny, but in the end it doesn’t matter what the approach as long as you are communicating with your kids.

Unilever – the maker of Degree, Dove and Suave products – have created DontFretTheSweat.com. The site is there to give parents tools to use to help maintain their tween’s confidence during puberty. Unilever brought together a panel of experts to develop the educational website. The FAQ gives you some quick info on body odor, sweating, when tweens should start using deodorant, and other info. In the Experts section you will find some great articles giving real life examples on how other parents deal with the variety of issues that impact parents and tweens. You can also do a quick product matcher for your tweens and get coupons for different Unilever deodorants.

Disclosure: I am participating in a blog tour by Mom Central on behalf of Unilever and received samples and a gift card to thank me in participating. The opinions are purely my own.
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