If you have read my blog for a while you know that traditional education just is not a good fit for my son, Taylor. We homeschooled for quite some time and are still actually trying to figure out what will work best for him.

Through the years we have used a few different online learning programs which varying amounts of success. There are a lot of them out there, some good, some bad, some free, some very affordable, and some expensive. Now price doesn’t always equal quality in online education – just like everything else in life. Sometimes though, we can definitely see the difference.

Mom Select asked me to take a look at KC Distance Learning. While this is more on the end of costly, there were some things that I really liked about it. First of all, it seems that they stress interaction with the teachers and other students through the online school. Many of the other programs we have used or looked at in the past do not do this – some may offer a place to “chat” – but it’s not really something the program pushes. For middle and high school students who, for whatever reason, aren’t attending a traditional school setting, the interaction with others is very crucial and harder to come by for some of these kids. I love that the KC Distance Learning has interactive tools where the students can engage with the teacher, who is on a webcam, and interactive white boards and chat with the other students. If they miss a live event, they are recorded so the kids can still watch them at a later time. They also have message boards for topical discussions – for example the students might be required to add their thoughts on a topic to the board as part of an assignment. With this program you are also getting access to a teacher. As a homeschooling mom for many years I have learned a lot, but sometimes it would take me a while to find the best way to teach or explain or understand a topic for my son. With a program like this, the student can ask the teacher without any problems. The overview of the courses offered seems to be consistent with other programs and they do meet state guidelines for education.

The cost can really depend on where you live. This program is used by some states as their online program and may be offered free to some students. Here in Missouri, our state uses a different program for their online courses which I am not as impressed with. If your state doesn’t offer the program you can enroll in their private academy and pay the tuition yourself. You can opt for single courses or a full enrollment. For a full year of middle school or high school you are looking at about $1,300 – $2,400 in tuition. They do offer payment plans though which is nice and there are discounts for various things which will help a bit.

As the mom of a very techy kind of kid I know that these online courses really can be a wonderful option for many students. If you are looking for a different option than a traditional school setting for your middle or high school child it is worth the time to head over to http://onlineschoolsolutions.com/ and see what is available to you.

Disclosure: I received a small gift card as a thank-you for reviewing this site. The opinions are my own. While I wasn’t able to fully use the program, my opinions were based on what I was able to see and comparing it to other online learning programs I have used with my son in the past.
Transparency is everything!