I have been coloring my hair at home for years and it’s usually the same story, mix the two stinky things together and put them on my hair, wait, rinse. Generally I pick a dark auburn color for my hair. You can see in my first picture that my hair is brown with some red in it. The second picture you can see that the red is gone and it’s darker all over (sorry I don’t have a better picture that shows this – so many of my BlogHer pictures are dark). The difference isn’t major, but more of a subtle change and I’m really happy with it. 

 robynfaceDeb and Robyn at the Clorox Suite event

This time I used a new product called Bigen. I have to admit I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I was offered a sample and thought I would give it a try. The reason why it stood out when the offer was made is that it has no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide. I was hoping that this meant that stinky strong smell would not be present and I was right! This is a non-stinky hair color! The other really interesting thing is that this is a powder hair color that comes in this little bottle and you mix it with water only. That’s it, then you apply it to your hair. My one problem with the package is that it says to apply with a brush (like hair dressers use) which was not included in the kit. I didn’t have one on hand either so I just tried using my hands with bigenthe gloves that were included. This was a little tough so I asked Hubby to put the rest on for me – yes I know I’m gutsy LOL. He did a pretty good job though, but next time I will just get the brush so I’m prepared to do it myself. Now I know all hair color tells you to do the skin test and a strand test beforehand, but honestly I don’t. Since this was the first time I was using this product though I only did 15 minutes on my hair. With this shorter time I had a few pieces of gray hair that didn’t quite get fully covered (those damn gray hairs), but I think with a longer time on my hair it would have all been covered without any problems. Bigen is gentler because they are meant to darken rather than lighten your hair. When we lighten our color we have to lift some of that other color off first. Since we aren’t doing that with Bigen it makes it much more gentle on our hair. I used #56 Rich Medium Brown (full color chart).


Bigen is available nationwide at Sally’s Beauty Supply, CVS, and Walmart. The average price is $5.39 per package, great price if you ask me! Please let me know if you try Bigen and what you think of it!


DISCLOSURE: I received a free sample of Bigen to use for review.
The opinions and results are my own.
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