Do you all know about White House Black Market? Honestly I did not know of them until BlogHer this year. My awareness came after I was standing at the elevator to take some stuff from various suites back to my room and my arms were pretty full. The elevator door opens and here were these two wonderful “bag ladies” with these great huge bags loaded down on their arms. They looked at me and said “you REALLY need a bag!” and promptly handed me one of these great White House Black Market bags to put all of my stuff in. Never was I so grateful for a bag!

white house black market

I asked a few other bloggers what White House Black Market was about and they all said it was a nice clothing store. It was not until last night when I had a chance to look through a lot of the different catalogs and literature from BlogHer that I cam across the catalog that had been in my giant bag and I have to say it is stunning. While I am a plus size and can’t fit into the clothing they sell (right now), I can still shop the accessory department for now. When I’m ready to shop in regular sizes again I will be headed there as well. I just totally love the style of all the looks in this catalog, very classic  and chic but not stuffy at all. Most of their things are black and white, but they do have pops of color as well, especially red which is my favorite color! The prices really aren’t bad either – they aren’t super cheap, but there are deals to be found and many of the pieces are classic and will carry over from season to season. You really should go take a look at plus you can like them on Facebook and follow @WHBM on Twitter.


Disclosure: I did receive this great giant shopping bag from White House Black Market at BlogHer, but no other compensation of any type was given to me to write this post. I just was really impressed with what they had to offer and wanted to share with you all. Transparency is everything!