2010 Mezzetta Make That Sandwich Contest

How does $25,000 sound for just sharing your great sandwich recipe sound? It sounds pretty sweet to me! This summer it has been really hot here in St. Louis and so we have eaten sandwiches and salads for dinner more than we normally do in the summer even. It is just so much easier than heating up the house cooking at the hottest time of the day inside the house.

mezzetta turkey bacon and avocado panini

Right now Mezzetta is having their Make That Sandwich Contest. Hurry and head over (ends tomorrow) and enter your fantastic sandwich recipe. Don’t have a recipe? That’s ok, you can still head over and and view celebrity recipes and vote for your favorite. Mine is Daisy Martinez’s Turkey, Bacon, and Avocado Panini, I can’t wait to make this myself.

mezzetta products

You can see that we have an entire door shelf in our fridge full of Mezzetta products. Some favorites at our house are the jalapeno peppers – nice and crisp and just the right amount of heat, the roasted red pepper strips are fabulous in and on a ton of things, and Hubby loves the pitted Calamata olives. I was actually surprised to learn how many different products Mezzetta makes, you can find all of them (and shop for them) in the Mezzetta online store. Here are a few of our recent sandwiches that we used Mezzetta items on and with.

flatout mezzetta

I’ve made this sandwich several times, it is SO good! Even though it has slices of tomatoes on it, I’ve also started adding some Mezzetta sun-dried tomatoes on it also which gives it another texture and taste. Hard to see in this picture – but they are in there under the cheese.


mezzetta sandwich

mezzetta sandwich

Hubby and I grilled some sandwiches recently on our George Foreman grill (review on that coming soon too). We love toasted sandwiches and they were great adding Mezzetta products to the sandwiches before we toasted them and of course, adding a few on the side. My sandwich (on top) has roast beef, hot pepper cheese, Mezzetta roasted red pepper strips, and deli-sliced Mezzetta jalapenos. Hubby opted for salami and cheese put some of this favorite Mezzetta pitted Calamata olives on it before toasting.

What is your favorite sandwich you make at home? Take a peak at the celebrity recipes (and vote) and let me know which of theirs is your favorite also.

Disclosure: I received several Mezzetta products to sample, but the opinions are our (me and Hubby) own. We really do love Mezzetta items.
Transparency is everything!