There are plenty of ways that we all are charitable. Some donate money, some volunteer, some donate their effort online by clicking and voting – all of it counts in some way or another. Now I have found GiveBack thanks to One2One Network where you can create your own personal foundation to manage your charitable giving.

You simply create your account, I connected via Facebook and it was super fast, and right now that automatically gives you $5 in your account. Then you can add which charities you would like to support. To get started I added the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation (don’t forget to vote for them daily – see post) and the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Now you can directly add money to your foundation plus you can also “shop for your foundation” to earn funds. Basically, when you are going to shop online, go thru the GiveBack links to online stores and when you shop up to 15% of each purchase will be put into your foundation account. They also have contests where you can win more funds for your foundation even. Soon they are also going to have the ability to create campaigns so you can do your own fundraising events through GiveBack! When tax time rolls around you will also have one easy report of all of your giving – your giving is 100% tax deductible.

If you create your own GiveBack Foundation today, you get $5 instantly into your account plus if you are still doing online shopping for the holidays you can start earning more funds for your personally selected charities instantly!

Please take a moment to visit GiveBack and set up your free account and add your charities to your foundation to help start earning donations for them. I would love for you to share here in the comments which charities you have decided to support. What are your important causes?

Disclosure: I have received a contest entry from GiveBack and One2One Network for sharing this information with my readers. However, I would not have done this post if I didn’t believe in GiveBack myself. I am continually trying to share ways for my readers to be charitable in ways that will fit everyone. Transparency is everything.