How to use up low balance gift cards I have blogged about my unfavorable opinion regarding gift cards before. However, they have become a part of everyday life it seems. Sometimes I even get paid with them for different blogging assignments. No matter how hard I try though, if I spend them at a store I always end up with just $1 or $2 and change left on these cards. That becomes a royal nuisance to use at a store then along with another payment. Today I found a way to use them up!

Amazon is the answer, at least for right now. I had three gift cards today. One had $10.12 on it, one had $3.45 on it, and the other only $0.86 on it. I simply went to and bought 3 gifts cards for those exact amounts and sent them to myself via email. You have to do this as 3 different orders. The first I bought a gift card for $10.12 and paid for it with the gift card with that balance and checked out. Then another transaction for $3.45, and yes, then the final one was for just 86¢ and it did go thru! I wasn’t sure if there was a minimum value for gift cards or not, but apparently not, or at least it is lower than 86¢. So now I have a balance of $14.43 on which works much better for me than all these silly gift cards. I shop on Amazon a lot and will easily use up that money.

Have you done this before? Do you have any other clever ways to use up the small balances on gift cards?

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