I have known Hubby since I was 16 years old. We hung out in high school, we have been camping many times (that was way back before we got married), and now we have been married for almost 20 years. In all that time I never knew that Hubby had never had a s’more! Isn’t that crazy? How do you grow up without s’mores?

Now the best way to have s’mores is over a campfire I think, but when I was sent some of these new Stacker Mallows I thought we would make them in the microwave so he could at least try them.

S'Mores Ingredients

Gather your supplies! You need graham crackers, chocolate bars, and new Jet-Puffed Stacker Mallows.

Jet Puffed Stacker Mallows

Instead of the big fat and tall marshmallows, these new StackerMallows are smaller and rectangular shaped. Perfect to fit on a s’more!

put chocolate on graham cracker

Now take half a graham cracker and place some chocolate on it. Hubby went with just one piece, I went for two pieces of chocolate.

put marshmallow on top of chocolate

Top with a Stacker Mallow. See how nicely they fit on?

marshmallow on chocolate and graham cracker

Now zap them in the microwave for 10 seconds or so – as soon as the marshmallow starts to puff up take them out.

Squish the S'mores

Now top with the other graham cracker, squish, and enjoy! Hubby was quite taken with s’mores and promptly made himself several more.

Think about how handy these new Stacker Mallows would be when you are making desserts or maybe sweet potatoes that require a layer of marshmallows. With the nice rectangular shape it would be perfect for getting a nice even layer. It might also be fun to use mini cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes since these are flat. Lots of possibilities here, but that same great soft and sweet marshmallowy goodness we have all grown up with!


Jet-Puffed Stacker Mallows (marshmallows)



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DISCLOSURE: I received samples of this product to use for this review. The opinions are my own (and Hubby’s). I have been buying Jet-Puffed items for years now and will continue to do so. Transparency is everything!