Today we went to my parents house to celebrate Father’s Day. I decided to bring dessert and do an ice cream sundae bar. Well actually, it wasn’t a fancy bar type set up, more just all the stuff in the middle of the table but the reason for that is because they guys (my dad, Hubby, brother) would probably have been annoyed if I would have fussed with lots of little special bowls, spoons, containers, etc. So since it was Father’s Day I kept it super simple for them. I stopped in Walmart to shop for all of the ice cream sundae fixings.

#IceCreamSocial Shopping#IceCreamSocial Shopping

First stop was the freezer cases to look for ice cream. Edy’s (known as Dryer’s in some parts of the country) is one of our favorite brands. I love the Slow Churned Rich & Creamy which has 1/2 the fat of the regular ice cream. It was kind of annoying that they were out of several flavors. I did find one French Vanilla which was perfect for sundaes, but I was hoping to find chocolate also, no luck. Hubby spotted a limited edition Black Raspberry flavor which he had to have.

#IceCreamSocial Shopping#IceCreamSocial Shopping#IceCreamSocial Shopping
#IceCreamSocial Shopping#IceCreamSocial Shopping#IceCreamSocial Shopping
#IceCreamSocial Shopping#IceCreamSocial Shopping#IceCreamSocial Shopping

Next up where all the toppings. There are a lot of toppings to pick from. Honestly, all most all of them sounded really good. We ended up with some Nesquik chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, a triple berry sauce, and a peanut butter sauce. Goofy me knew we needed some maraschino cherries for the top and I took a picture of them on the shelf but – doh – I forget to put them in the cart after I took a picture. How many of you other bloggers have done that before? I was hoping to get some Nestle mini-chocolate chips but they didn’t have them. Instead Taylor picked out some Nestle chocolate and peanut-butter chips to sprinkle on top. What’s a sundae without nuts? I picked up a little bag of pecans. Now even though we were making sundaes I thought we still needed some crunch so I got a box of sugar cones which people could use as a cone or you can break them up like a cookie for your ice cream (think ice cream nachos).

#IceCreamSocial Shopping #IceCreamSocial Shopping

I gathered up all the goodies and headed to the checkout. Under $23 for it all. While we did consume just about all the ice cream, we still have plenty of the different toppings left over for more ice cream sundaes in the upcoming weeks.


Then came the best part – fixing our sundaes and eating! I was trying to take pictures but my family ate really fast! Everyone enjoyed being able to pick out there own toppings and making their dessert just the way they wanted. This is a favorite way to eat food with my family as you probably have heard me talk about in the past with make-your-own-pizza, make-your-own-kabobs, make-your-own-tacos, etc. I think any interactive meal really adds fun to the event. We loved the ice cream – you really would never be able to tell on your own that it is 1/2 the fat – I promise! The caramel sauce was the most used topping. Hubby was all about the fruit today and went for the black raspberry ice cream and the triple berry topping – he said it was delicious! Oh and the pugs were there (Mabel and Macy) and they both loved the Edy’s French Vanilla ice cream too (they just get a little bit).

TAYLOR AND BRADdad and ronnie

Finally a Happy Father’s Day to all the guys. The first pic is Taylor and Hubby and the next is my dad and my brother. By the way I used the photo fuse function in Windows Live Photo Gallery to merge a few of each of these pictures so I got everyone smiling in the pics. Ha!

Did you do anything special to celebrate Father’s Day? What’s your favorite way to eat ice cream?

Disclosure: This shop/project has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestlé. All opinions are my own. #theicecreamsocial