So Friday morning after all the emergency appointment with the ophthalmologist I already had the perfect thing planned. I had an appointment at Go!Spa here in St. Louis for some pampering and relaxation. Just what the doctor (ok – me) ordered!


First up was the Spoiled Rotten Pedicure. I have never gone to a salon or spa for a pedicure before. The reason? I was embarrassed by my feet and I know that I am not alone in feeling that way. I was nervous that the pedicurist (is that the right word – it’s manicurist for a mani so I’m just guessing here) would see my dry cracked heels with calloused skin and my toenails with lots of cuticle stuff on them and just turn me away in disgust. Really and truly, that is what I thought would happen. I talked about this on Twitter though and everyone assured me that they would not treat me like that so I decided to take the plunge. Everyone was right, Wonder (that is the name of the wonderful gal who did both my mani and pedi) was wonderful! I told her my fears and she put me at ease right away. She said mine were not the worst she had seen and not to worry she would get them looking much better. Whew! First I soaked my feet, then she did all sorts of things like getting the dead cuticle skin off, cutting and filing my toenails, she did a lot of work with a pumice stone and file on my heals, a massage even, a mask for my feet, and finished off with some OPI Vodka and Caviar nail polish!

Spoiled Rotten Pedicure $60
Go!Spa Pedicure plus intensive cuticle & callous treatment, exfoliating scrub, hydrating masque, paraffin, deluxe foot & leg massage and heated herbal pillow therapy

pedicure 01

pedicure 02

pedicure 03

pedicure 04

pedicure 05


I know that last pic has the tissue still around my toes, but don’t they still look pretty? Oh and I forgot to tell you that they put this really nice and warm neck pillow on me during all of this that smelled like chamomile and it was so relaxing! None of the pedicure hurt at all by the way. The only funny thing was that my toes are apparently quite ticklish so I giggled fairly often when she was working on them. Wonder said that they get that a lot though and it doesn’t bother them at all – she just chuckled along with me. I am totally hooked on pedicures now just after my first one! I will be back!

Next up was my Shellac by CND manicure. I don’t have pics of the process on this because it’s hard to take pics in the middle on a manicure obviously. The last time I was at Go!Spa I just had a regular mani, but I saw them tweeting (follow @Go_Spa) about this new Shellac by CND manicure that is supposed to last for 14 days and I was intrigued! My nail polish normally only lasts about 3 days (if that) so I wanted to give this a try. It is more expensive than a regular mani, but if it lasts that much longer it is worth it to me. The price at Go!Spa is $45 for this service.

Wonder prepped my nails and cuticles first and then she did a base coat and I had to stick my hand in this little light box to cure that for just a few seconds. Then we did two coats of the color I picked – Hot Chilis – which is this gorgeous pinky red. In between each coat I again had to put my hand in the light box. Next up was the top coat and a few more seconds in the light box. Then she used a little cotton square with an alcohol based dryer thing on it and RUBBED it over the just polished nails (I was shocked she could do that) and I was done. My nails are SO SHINY. I love it!

go spa shellac manicure


I’m on day 3 right now and they look just like the day I had them done. I have been typing a lot as usual which usually does the edges in. This morning I was up prepping, chopping, and making food for our birthday party and again, they still look like new. I have two trips coming up before my 14 days are over so I’m hoping these will hold out that entire time. I will post about this after the two weeks to let you know how well the Shellac held up. One last thing, I’ve already received several comments while I’ve been out in public commenting on my nails – people love it!

For those of you in the St. Louis area I highly recommend Go!Spa. It is not a super-fancy-foo-foo spa that you feel uncomfortable at. It is a nice, friendly place to go for some pampering and relaxing. I have several spas closer to my house, but for me I just feel so comfortable at Go!Spa that I intend on driving those extra few minutes to go there to enjoy my pedi and manis from now on – plus I’m sure I’m going to try some of their other services as well. They are not far off of Highway 270 and Manchester Road (just a little past West County Mall) so they are easy to get to. Plus as a bonus there is a Qdoba right up the street so that is where I went for a quiet lunch when I was done!
The Giveaway: One lucky St. Louis area winner will receive a Go!Spa gift certificate for a Shellac manicure. Value $45 (You can actually use the gift certificate as a $45 credit for any of their services)

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DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary services at Go!Spa and they are providing the prize for the giveaway as well. I really do enjoy Go!Spa and will be going again and recommending to my friends. Transparency is everything!

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