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I am on day 10 of my Shellac manicure that I got at Go!Spa and the polish itself is just as shiny and nice looking as day 1. However, what is happening is that my nails are growing and so you can see, especially on the second picture, that you can see the new bare nail a bit. It is not overly noticeable though to others I don’t think, not like chipped nail polish would be. I think the polish will easily hold up for the 14 days, but because of my nail growth it will not last a full 14 days for me personally.

I have to also share that when I went to the Verizon Wireless #MidwestMoms event and the #BBSummit11 this past weekend in Chicago I had several ladies come up and ask to see my nails. You all have apparently been reading my blog and my tweets about this manicure and are really curious! The ladies were surprised at how great the polish has held up. While I got my manicure done here in St. Louis, they do have this at locations all over, just ask for the Shellac manicure made by CND.

If you are local to St. Louis, like me, make sure you stop over on my original post and enter my giveaway to win a free $45 Go!Spa Gift Certificate to get your own Shellac manicure or apply the gift to any other spa service you want there.

What do you all think of the pics after 10 days with the polish on?

DISCLOSURE: I received complimentary services at Go!Spa and they are providing the prize for the giveaway as well. I really do enjoy Go!Spa and will be going again and recommending to my friends. Transparency is everything!