First of all, congratulations to Jen Cowan who was the winner of the Go!Spa Gift Certificate in the recent drawing. She was thrilled to be the winner and I hope she enjoys some pampering at Go!Spa.

removing Shellac manicure at GoSpaNow, I wanted to follow up once more about the Shellac Manicure. The manicure itself lasted until I had it removed this Saturday. That was 22 days! Now as I mentioned in the first follow up you could see where my nails were growing, but the actual Shellac wasn’t chipped or dinged on my nails at all after all that time. The very edges at the end of the nail is the only place the polish was gone, but it’s not noticeable to people really, I only knew because I knew Wonder (the manicurist) had painted them. I am a very hard typist and so this didn’t surprise me after 3 weeks.

Several folks asked or commented about the removal process for Shellac manicures. You can do it yourself, although I had Wonder remove mine since I wanted another manicure. You need to soak your nails in acetone polish remover for at least 5 minutes. Do just one hand at a time though. You need the other to scrape off gently. Only take one finger out of the acetone at a time, if you take them all out the polish will harden up again. When it is ready to be removed it will be peeling. Then she just used an orange stick to easily scrape it off the nail. Then she said buff with a soft buffer board thingie. Here are my nails with everything just removed. You can see they are still nice and healthy underneath. They weren’t weakened at all – actually the Shellac had protected them quite a bit even. Like I said, you can do this at home, but it’s going to take a while because you are doing it all yourself. For me at Go!Spa it was just an extra $5 to have them do it and well worth it

Nails after removing Shellac Manicure

After the removal I got another Shellac manicure. I am all set for BlogHer now and won’t have to worry about my fingernails. This time I tried a new color – Decadence! Don’t you just love it? It is a really nice dark red. I know not everyone is into red nails, but red is my favorite color and it works for me.

shellac nail polish


What is your favorite nail color?

Disclosure: My original Shellac Manicure was compliments of Go!Spa however this new one was not. I was very pleased with the first one and am happy to be a returning customer. This post was just to follow up about removal for my readers who had questions. Opinions, as always, are my own.