So yesterday I wrote about traveling without Taylor (my special needs son) and what a rough day that was. I posted that at the airport just before I boarded the plane to come home. Little did I know there was much more to come. Here is an update.

Before I had spoken to Taylor the second time (when he was calming down) he had posted to his Facebook wall that he wanted to kill himself basically. Now I check Taylor’s wall all the time and so I am pretty on top of things. However, I just hadn’t checked that day in the midst of everything else. Well, Taylor happens to be Facebook friends with one of his teachers from last year (she is no longer teaching or at his school since last year actually) and she saw his post. She replied to him there in a very positive way, and then she also let Taylor’s current teacher/case worker at school know. That teacher told the district social worker. That person told the school officer. That person in turn showed up at my house with 2 other police cars and the social worker. Now during this time I’m in the air on a plane and had no idea this was happening. I had wifi on the plane though and got an email from his teacher that said call ASAP – I replied telling her I didn’t have phone service, just wifi and I couldn’t call till I landed. Once I landed and turned phone on it went crazy with dings and whistles and bells with missed calls, voicemails, and text messages. Uh oh.

I listened to voicemail which was the police saying Taylor had made a threat on Facebook and they needed to talk to me and they were at my house. Now I had no idea what kind of threat either and that freaked me out even more. Then I called Hubby and he clued me in and said they were at the ER because of all of this – the police had taken him there. So I grabbed a cab and went straight to the ER from the airport.

A side rant here that I get to the ER and ask for my son and I am bluntly told you can’t bring your purse or that suitcase back with you. What? Now I’ve been to this ER with Taylor several times before and this was not the case. I asked if this was new and she said yes please put those in your car. Listen lady, I just got off a plane and took a cab straight here, my car is not here. Well we can’t be responsible for your items, blah blah blah. Ugh – by the way I just called the administration at the hospital and talked to them about all of that.

Back to our story – I go back and see Taylor and he is calm, which of course I already knew because I had spoken to him AFTER he had made the post on Facebook (but no one else knew that). I proceeded to have to explain to the nurse-practitioner (we didn’t rate seeing a doctor I guess) about Taylor’s background and told them I did not want him admitted. They finally called Taylor’s psychiatrist and let us go.

Today we had already had a meeting scheduled with the school, but it turned into something else as of yesterday. So Taylor’s is now back on homebound status until we can get him more medically stable. I totally understand what the school is saying, although you all know I’m not a fan of homebound. I’m not upset with the school at all for bringing the police in though, they saw a problem and went thru the chain and did what they thought was best to protect my son and I am thankful for that. This goes back to my argument on why I dislike the new Missouri “Facebook Act” because had no one from school seen his threat and it had been a real threat he may have killed himself – instead because a past teacher saw it she was able to connect the right people and they stepped in to help which I am grateful for.

My mom came up late this morning and took Taylor to go to eat and hang out a bit. That is where he still is. We have an appointment with his doctor on Wednesday. We are working on setting up his homebound schedule with his teacher now as well.

Ahhhh, the joys of life!

PS – I am ok and dealing with all of this. I just wanted to share with you all who have been through similar things so we know we are not alone out there as parents of special needs kids.