Photo Aug 21, 5 26 13 PMSo I had lots of great recipe submissions for the Bumble Bee tuna casserole contest. Of course, for my personal tastes I would have loved to add cheese to all of them but Hubby didn’t want that at all. I think we need to give him a taste bud tune-up or something.

Hubby picked Susan C’s recipe for me to make for him so she is the 1st winner of the Bumble Bee prize package. The random winner is “sewmuchstuff”. (Both winners subject to claim time). They each will receive a nice box of Bumble Bee Food items as their prize!

Broccoli Tuna Casserole by Susan C.
Boil 12 oz pasta for 5 minutes, add two cups frozen broccoli to boiling water. Boil for 5 more minutes. Drain and pour pasta in casserole dish. Add two cans drained tuna, one can cream of broccoli soup and salt and pepper to taste.Add a little milk if needed. Top with cherry tomatoes sliced in half and bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

Photo Aug 21, 6 08 38 PM

The casserole looked really pretty I thought, but sadly it just was not a flavor my family and I enjoyed. I think Hubby is forever going to be a non-tuna casserole kind of guy and Taylor and I like our tuna casserole with cheese. We will just stick to have tuna casserole when Hubby is out of town like we have in the past.

So what should we all try next with a Bumble Bee product?

Disclosure: I will be working with Bumble Bee Foods for an extended period of time and will be compensated and provided with samples during that time. I promise to always include my own opinions, as always, when sharing with you about Bumble Bee Foods. Transparency is everything.