Angostura BittersDo you remember me asking you last week about Angostura Bitters? Today I’m going to share a bit with you about bitters.

Definition: A bitters is an alcoholic beverage prepared with herbs, spices, roots and citrus dissolved in alcohol or glycerin. They typically have a bitter or bittersweet flavor. The exact recipe for Angostura Bitters is a well kept secret and known to only 4 people.

History: Angostura (a town in Venezuela) Bitters were created in 1824 by Dr. Siegert who wanted to help find a cure from nature for soldiers around him. He called it “Amargo Aromatico” or aromatic bitters. Isn’t it ironic how many things war causes the creation of in the middle of destruction?

The only thing I really new about bitters before I received my sample is that they were some ingredient I had seen in various cocktail recipes. I had never used them myself so I had no idea what to expect. Tasting just a little it is bitter – duh Robyn! The thing about bitterness is that it accentuates the other flavors it is put with. I decided to try them out in one of their own recipes – the Angostura Burger. Sadly, my sample wasn’t large enough to make the ketchup with bitters also (next time). You couldn’t taste the bitters specifically in the burger, but the other flavors were more enhanced for sure. The burger was more beefy – but in a different way that when you use Worcestershire sauce. Our average family rating for the burger was 7 1/2 (scale of 1-10), so that makes it a “make it again” recipe.

Another holiday weekend is coming up, if you need a new burger recipe give this one a try! I know summer unofficially ends at Labor Day but we still grill even after that too.
Angostura Burger IngredientsAngostura Burger on the Grill

I gathered up all the ingredients for Hubby and chopped and mixed – then he made the actual patties and grilled them for us. Team work!

Angostura Burger

Mizkan Angostura Burger Recipe

You can find more recipes, both food and cocktails, on the Mizkan Recipe search page plus there is more fun on the Angostura Bitters Facebook page. I will be doing another post with more information about bitters and trying out another recipe soon!

What do you think you would use Angostura Bitters in?

Disclosure: Nakano provided compensation and samples for this post. The opinions about the flavor and uses are my own.