Fresh asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables. I prefer the thinnest stalks I can find as I think they are more tender than the thick asparagus. Whatever your preference though asparagus is terrific on the grill. Are you grilling for Labor Day? This is a healthy side dish you can make quickly.

Wash your bundle of asparagus and trim the ends. We take a couple of stalks and bend them to see where they break naturally. Then we just line up the rest and cut them at that spot – quicker than breaking them all individually. We discard the ends, but I’m sure some of you could save them for veggie stock or something.

Grilling Asparagus  |  Robyns.World


We have a special pan for the grill with holes all over it. This is perfect for grilling veggies and necessary for grilling something like asparagus that would just fall through the grill grates. Grill for about 10 minutes, more if you like it softer or if you have thicker stalks.
Toss asparagus with Nakano Rice Vinegar

Nakano Original Seasoned Rice Vinegar

Once cooked toss the asparagus with a couple of tablespoons of Nakano  Seasoned Rice Vinegar. I used original this time, but I also like the Roasted Garlic variety on asparagus. That’s it! We don’t even add salt or pepper – the Nakano has all the flavor we need.

Grilled Asparagus  |  Robyns.World


Enjoy! We have served this to many self-proclaimed asparagus haters and every single one of them has changed their tune after trying it like this! This is great for kids too – they can easily pick up an entire stalk and munch on it.

Do you think you might try this the next time you grill?



Disclosure: Nakano provided compensation and samples for this post. The opinions about the flavor and uses are my own.