school supplies

Do you get the list from the teacher that has 117 things on it and you can’t find some of the items at your local store? Ugh, I used to find that SO annoying! A local mom here in St. Louis has started where you can get your school/grade specific Mypack school supply kit and at the same time give back to underprivileged children.

You just go to the site, pick your state, then school district, school, and then grade level. That’s it – the teacher’s supply list will be in the MyPack and shipped to you, plus shipping is free! With each purchase funds are donated to the underprivileged children. Not only that, but your school can sign up to be a Partner school. When they do this volunteers from your school assist American Student Supply with delivery of MyPacks which helps reduce shipping costs and in return the parent organization for the school doubles to 10% of gross sales.

  • Win for the parents – easy back to school shopping
  • Win for the underprivileged – needed school supplies donated
  • Win for the schools – earn money for the parent organization

Even if you have already bought your supplies today, think about this for next year. They are adding new schools all the time and this is the perfect time to present this idea to your schools parent organization to get signed up for the next school year!

Disclosure: I received a thank you gift for sharing this information on my blog. I only share things that I think that are useful for my readers and that I would personally use. Opinions are my own.