Rachel ZoeI have seen snippets of The Rachel Zoe Project on The Soup and other places since her show first started and I thought that I would not like the show at all and that Rachel (and the others) seemed to come across as really snobby. For whatever reason, a few weeks ago I tuned in to part of an episode and I was pleasantly surprised by Rachel Zoe. When you watch the show as a whole, and not just clips, you see more of the real Rachel I think and that snobbiness feeling goes away. Yes, she still has that snobby sounding voice (sorry Rachel) and quite frankly several of the other cast members still actually seem snobby (at least how they are portrayed on the show) but I am now hooked on the show and have set a pass for it on my DVR. I’m a repressed fashionista I think, I love watching these fashion related shows, but I am totally clueless about dressing myself or spending that kind of money on clothes. Maybe one of these days I will become rich and famous and can hire Rachel to style me? Just no bell bottom pants please Rachel.

Have you watched any of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo? What do you think?