FIRE! Seriously – today we came home from a trip to the store and I heard a beeping noise. Hmmm. Not sure what that is. I went inside the house and put my things down, went to the bathroom, still hearing the beeping sound. It is time for my to investigate! Hubby always gets after me for being a nosy neighbor, but I just like to know what is going on in my own neighborhood.

St. Charles Fire Truck

Outside I walked towards the one neighbors house were an older lady lives alone. We worry about her. Nope, the noise is not coming from that direction. I walk the opposite way and as I approach the neighbors house on the other side the beeping gets louder and louder. Yes, it is their house and it is their smoke detector going off inside. I smell smoke too. Bang, bang, bang on their door. “Anyone home?!?”, bang, bang, bang. No answer and the main car they drive is gone. I pulled out my iPhone and called 911 – better safe than sorry. They say help is on the way.

Hubby is outside now too. We notice smoke coming from the chimney. Then we notice smoke coming out of this other vent in their roof too – that can’t be good! Other neighbors are peering out now wondering what I am doing but don’t seem alarmed. Finally not one, but four fire trucks and some other trucks show up. Now the entire street is out watching the commotion.

One fireman goes to the front door and sniffs, “I smell smoke!” he yells to the others and they break into action. Out come the hoses, on go the masks and breathing equipment. They break down the door and go in and save the day!

Luckily, no one was home so no one was hurt. The neighbors came over after they got home and thanked me for calling. They said the fire destroyed their bathroom but that was really it, plus the front door that got knocked down.

I think that is the first time I have had to call 911 for a fire. Have you ever had to do this?