Yes, you read that right. Today at Taylor’s campus there was a bomb threat. ACK! What is wrong with our world where kids and parents have to worry about bombs in their schools?

St. Charles High School


Taylor was the first to alert me. He sent me a text this morning about it. I went online to the district’s Facebook page and they had already posted about the bomb threat and that they did not think it was credible but that they still were taking all the steps necessary to make sure. This meant locking down campuses and going through all the classrooms, all the lockers, and other areas plus having all the kids go through a metal detector also. This was all taking place in the regular high school building, luckily Taylor is not in that building. His newest placement has him at what is called the Success Campus which is a different building, but still on the same campus as the high school. Taylor was texting me to keep me up to date – he seemed calm and was trying to blow it off I think. I was able to talk to him a few times later in the day though and at that point he was starting to get stressed out. The district did a great job keeping us updated via Facebook and Twitter. You all know me and you know that I was very happy to see them utilizing those tools so well.

Taylor was finally released from the Success Campus and took his normal bus back to his regular high school (this is his normal daily schedule). At that point he was really ready to just get in his truck and drive home. He had missed lunch – they had things available I think when they got there but he just wasn’t up to those items I think. I was super proud of him for staying the rest of the day though. He said he didn’t accomplish anything, but I told him that wasn’t true. Even though he may not have accomplished regular school work in the afternoon, it was a huge accomplishment that he was stressed out and still was able to stay at school. (If you have been following my son’s story you know that he has walked out of school many times before.)

When he finally got home from school today he was not a happy camper. Well, that is not exactly correct. The stress of the day had really built up and so when he got home, to his safe zone, he was able to let that anxiety out. I tried to keep a very calm voice, listen intently and agreed when he expressed his feelings about the day to reaffirm them for him. I made him a snack and sat and talked with him for a while. He told me some details of the day and sometimes talked about other things – the point was that I was there to just listen to him I think and for him to feel safe again. Tonight he is just chilling out hanging out with Hubby. They are off school the next two days for parent/teacher conferences. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Have you had a big scare like this at your child’s school? How did you handle it? How did your kids handle it?