cardinalsYes, it’s a sports post. I know, I know, you can close your mouth from your jaw dropping now. Even though, in general, I am not a sports fan. I know that so many of you, especially my fellow St. Louisians, are rooting for the Cardinals to win the World Series (are you going to laugh if I tell you I truly almost just wrote Super Bowl?)

I actually used to love going to see the Cardinals play at Busch Stadium with my parents and my brother when I was a kid. Back then regular people could actually afford to go. Granted we sat up pretty high, but it was still fun (except walking up to the seats). My dad taught me how to keep score which kept me occupied and they always got us some yummy junk food. I also remember my dad loving to go fast on the spiral down ramp in the parking garage we always used on the way home. My mom would yell at him to slow down and he just laughed and kept going fast until he caught up to another car.

A few years ago I won some tickets and so Hubby and I took Taylor to his one and only game at Busch Stadium (or any other). Taylor was not impressed. He found it loud and boring. Maybe now that he is a teenager he would enjoy it a bit more? Next year I will try to win some tickets and go to the new stadium here in St. Louis. Hmmm, maybe I’ll get invited to one of those nice air-conditioned suites – that is much more my speed!

Are you watching the World Series? What team are you rooting for?

Go Cardinals!