Thursday night was the Two Minds Interactive (my new business venture along with Danyelle) Holiday Spa Soiree Experience. This was held at Go Spa in St. Louis once again and we had a wonderful time. All the ladies took some time out to get a little pampering. I had a tech girl massage and found that is not the style of massage I like personally, but I was glad that I tried it. Other ladies had manicures and pedicures. The Go Spa staff was wonderful as always. We had some wonderful frozen yogurt and all the toppings to snack on plus Champagne Chillers – yum! It was a little swirl of raspberry frozen yogurt in the flute, and then topped with champagne. Everyone loved these!

Photo Nov 17, 6 52 00 PMgo-spa-1Photo Nov 18, 12 02 26 AM