Rexall Drugs Sign

This year I am still struggling to be in the holiday spirit. Sometimes I wonder if my really wonderful memories from my childhood are holding me back now as an adult, knowing that things will always be different. I am pretty good about accepting the here and now the rest of the year, but this time of the year I struggle. Today I was thinking of one of my favorite holiday shopping memories.

Eagle Stamps Sign

This was in the late 70’s. I think we did it multiple years, but I can’t be sure. My dad would take my brother and I up to the local drug store, a Rexall store which has long since closed, to do our shopping. My mom let us use the Eagle Stamps that she earned throughout the year that we always put in the Eagle Stamp books. I think Dad was instructed by Mom to get us out of the house actually and so that is how it started. I remember looking at everything and trying to pick out the perfect present. Certain people I really remember – like my dad – I thought it would be a riot to buy him a bottle of Gas-X pills and I’m sure you all know why Dad needed it! For my Aunt June I wanted to get a nice pen since she worked in the fraud department at Mercantile Bank – I thought she must use pens all the time. Of course, my idea of a “nice pen” was probably only 50¢ back then.  Our Rexall was very small, but packed full, and I remember going up and down the aisles over and over again picking out just the right gifts for everyone on my list. I was so proud of my purchases and paying for them with the Eagle Stamps and then I wanted to see everyone’s face as they opened their gifts on Christmas Eve. Such wonderful times.

By the way, in that same strip mall was a Velvet Freeze that made the best shakes ever and our meat market that always gave us kids a little smokie when we came in with our parents. Not related to the story really, but thinking about the drugstore reminded me of the other places.

Do you have a favorite holiday shopping memory?



Disclosure: None, just a memory I’m sharing.