Robyn WrightNew Year’s Eve was my first day to try out a more glamorous look thanks to my Christmas gift from my bestie. I think my eyes are my best feature on my face so that is where I concentrated on. This is my attempt at a smoky eye look. Overall I think I did okay, but I need to get better at blending things altogether.

It is interesting that I can remember as a teenager and young adult pouring over magazines to find new ways to do makeup and loving all the different colors and such but how quickly I had fallen out of that after becoming a mom 17 years ago. I was never really great at makeup, but it is much harder than I remembered to do more than a simple look even!


Smoky Eyesmoky eye
sephora paletteearrings too
 I used the 3 colors circled from the Sephora palette. The middle one I put over the bottom of my lid. Then I used the darkest color along the base of my lid and in the crease a bit – this is the part I had trouble blending the most. The lightest color I used on my upper eye. I also used eyeliner and mascara of course.  Oh, and I even wore earrings last night! I like earrings, but because I have dark hair that covers my ears usually they are hard to spot so I don’t often bother even.

So what do you think? Any tips for me? I would love to try some of the fun colors in the palette but I am a little afraid of them!