So the first look was a pretty dark (at least for me) smoky eye on New Year’s Eve. Tonight I thought I would go with the greens. It’s ok, but it doesn’t pop very well. What do you think? Part of the problem is I’m afraid still of using the different colors and applying more than I’m used it.

Sephora eyeshadow glamour look 2

I think I blended a little bit better today than the first attempt – but it still is not even.

Sephora eyeshadow glamour look 2

The overall look – the rest of my makeup is really pretty much the same as always. The only thing I changed was my eyes today.

Sephora eyeshadow

This was done with the Sephora palette from Danyelle again. I circled the mix of colors that I used. Don’t ask me what went where and what was mixed with what at this point LOL – I just kept playing. Several of you mentioned white eyeliner on my last look, but I didn’t have any. Instead I tried using a bit of the white eye shadow in the upper left on the inside top of my eyes, but the lashes, and a little on the upper outer edge by my eyebrows.




Disclosure: None – this makeup was a gift from my bestie and I’m trying to figure out how to use it.