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On Thursday Project Runway All Stars began on Lifetime TV. Now I adore Project Runway, but I am less than thrilled with the “staff” changes to the All Star season. I want Heidi, Tim, Nina, and Michael! Not a single one of them are in this. New host, new mentor, new judges – including Isaac Mizrahi who I like less and less the more I see him on reality TV (he has attempted many shows). Project Runway All Stars New Judges, Host, and Mentor

The designers are all contestants from previous seasons of Project Runway and I am happy with all of them – not that I enjoy all of them – but I have nothing against the choices made for the show. Mondo (circled) is my favorite to win this season – he is really an amazing designer I think. Elisa, the hippy-dippy designer (it’s not bad) was the first eliminated this week. She has a very unique style and it just is not what mainstream is looking for. Austin is quite the character, ‘nuf said. I know many people dislike Kenley, but I like her bitchy attitude actually. Sweet P I enjoy most as a person out of all the designers, but she is very hit and miss with her designs (this week was a miss for sure).

Project Runway All Stars Week 1 Winner by Rami  Project Runway All Stars Week 1 - Mondo's Look  Project Runway All Stars Week 1 Loser by Elisa
The first week’s challenge was to buy stuff at the dollar store to create their looks. On the left is the winning design by Rami. While it is not a look I like personally, I do understand why it won and how well it was made and styled. The center is Mondo’s look which I thought was great and it used several different items including umbrellas. He also made the fascinator she is wearing. To the right is Elisa’s look that she was eliminated with. On the runway she was trying to explain about circles and adding up the words on both the sleeves together and blah blah blah and it just didn’t go over well with the judges. I appreciate the artistry she tried to bring, but this looks more like something a tween might make I think (no offense to tweens).

Project Runway All Stars is on Lifetime TV each Thursday 8pm CT. Plus you can watch full episodes on the website too. Are you watching? Who is your favorite? What do you think of the new judges?

Disclosure: None, just a fan of the show.