Project Runway All Stars Miss Piggy EpisodeThis week’s Project Runway All Stars had a very famous guest, Miss Piggy. While it may seem funny at first, major designers have actually designed for Miss Piggy over the years and she has always been somewhat of a fashionista. When they announced she was coming on I was assuming the designers would make Miss Piggy sized clothing and she would model on the runway or maybe they would have piggy models – that would have been so cute! But no, the designers made regular sized clothing with regular models. Some of them understood the style that was needed for Miss Piggy, some were a bit clueless.

Project Runway All Stars Week 3 Winner     Project Runway All Stars Week 3 My Pick
Michael was the winner this week (left), but I disagree. While this was an interesting dress, I do not think it is right for Miss Piggy.  Rami’s design (right), I thought he should have won. This was a perfect look for Miss Piggy! The lighter color and the whimsy of it really is the style that we are used to with Piggy often. You were robbed Rami – you should have won!

Project Runway All Stars Week 3 Loser   Project Runway All Stars Week 3 My Worst

Gordana made this pink dress, it was very night gownish to me and the color was an odd dusty pink that just wasn’t right for Miss Piggy. This was the loser for the week. Another awful dress was Austin’s, on the right. This had nothing Miss Piggy about it and what woman, even a pig, wants to big giant bows on her hips like that? Ugh.

Did you watch this week? What were your thoughts?