My Sephora Purchases

So Danyelle dragged me (ok I was happy to go) to Sephora again today. Today I made my first purchases though. I bought some Sephora eyeliner, in black for $12. It goes on really well and I just noticed that it has the little spongy smudger on the other end – love that! My other purchases was finally a pair of Tweezerman tweezers that everyone on Twitter has been recommending to me for years now. I opted for the red ones – I love the color red. Right before I sat down to write this post I decided to try the tweezers out. OMG – they really are great tweezers! I was able to, in just one try, pluck a new pesky hair from my chinny-chin-chin (grrr) and I was also able to easily pluck a few stray eyebrows who were trying to have a party between my two eyes – sorry little guys, no unibrow look for me! The Tweezerman was $20 and worth every single penny!

What was your latest beauty item you purchased?

Disclosure: None, this was just a shopping trip on my own.