Did you know that WebMD has an app? I have had this one for a while, but what is new is that now they have a WebMD Baby app also.

WebMD App

The original WebMD app I have been using on my iPhone for quite some time and it is an app that I access fairly regularly. The Symptom Checker is what I used most, as do most other people. Fair warning, if you are a hypochondriac you will fall in love with this app. You can pull up the checker and tap the part of the body you are having problems with and then the app will help you narrow things down to possible causes. You can also look up general information on medical conditions, first aid, medications, and more.

WebMD App Screen Shots


WebMD Baby Logo

Now WebMD offers WebMD Baby app also to get baby specific health and wellness information. Within the app is also a growth tracker, diaper tracker, sleep tracker, and feeding tracker. You can also record key events as a baby book. This all along with medical articles about baby and toddler care, parenting tips, “just for moms”, “just for dads”, milestones, vaccine info, and well baby visit guides. I wish I would have had this when Taylor was a baby!

WebMD Baby Screen Shots

Disclosure: None. Simply sharing apps I have found useful with my readers.