McCormick Roasted Saigon CinnamonI had not given a lot of thought to the differences in the ground cinnamon I buy at the store before but after trying this McCormick Roasted Saigon Cinnamon I now know there are differences. My husband was the first one to use this cinnamon and he noticed how much more flavorful it was. Then I tried it and I was equally impressed.

I love cinnamon anything to start with, but this really is cinnamon x10! It is not just that it tastes like you might have used more, the flavor itself is deeper and more intense. I have used it now when baking, cooking, and just sprinkling it on top of things and in all applications it was superior. I highly recommend you spend the little extra this will cost you. I promise it is worth it!

Disclosure: While I have worked with McCormick on projects in the past, this was just an item I bought on my own that I wanted to share with my readers. Opinions are my own.