This time of year many people eat fish on Fridays. I was raised a Catholic and so that was the norm. Even though I am no longer religious, the “fish on Friday” has stuck with me. I am also continuing as part of the Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad again this year and so I thought I would share a super easy recipe that would be great on Friday’s (or any other day) and is perfect if you have picky eaters too!

teriyaki tuna bowlTeriyaki Tuna Bowl

  • 2 cans or pouches (5oz) of Bumble Bee Tuna, drained and flaked
  • 8 cups of cooked rice
  • 1 cup cooked julienned carrot
  • 2 cups cooked broccoli florets
  • 1/2 cup teriyaki sauce (to taste)

Directions (including my extra notes)

Prepare the rice according to the package. Brown rice would be good in this recipe or you could even use quinoa if you wanted instead of rice altogether. Asian noodles would also be good in this recipe. Set aside.

In a sauce pan, steam carrots and broccoli in water with cover for about 10 minutes until tender crisp. While this original recipe only calls for carrots and broccoli, think about adding other veggies too. Sugar snap peas or snow peas, edamame, mushrooms (enoki mushrooms would be great), red or yellow bell peppers, or any other favorites of your family.

Warm the teriyaki sauce in microwave. Teriyaki sauces vary greatly. I think it is really important to read the package and look at sodium and sugar levels especially. I love teriyaki myself but have to restrain myself. Remember the goal is to add just a bit to your finished bowl, not to drown it. An alternative would be Nakano rice wine vinegar (although that makes it not a teriyaki bowl LOL)

Serve the items individually in bowls on the table so that everyone can create their own bowl. This is a great way to encourage kids (and adults) to eat more veggies also because kids like making their own concoctions.

This recipe, with ingredients as listed at top, will serve about 4 people. Considering making extra for lunches also. The full original recipe can by found at Bumble Bee Foods.

I'm a Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad Member

Disclosure: I am a member of the Bumble Bee Foods Bee Squad and as such receive certain privileges from the company. Opinions are always my own.
In this post I also mentioned Nakano of which I am also a brand ambassador.