life by gfpeck

Today my son (17) had to learn a few life lessons.

  • He made a mistake when he left school and thought he would get a GED instead. I am not sure what particular moment he realized this over the past week or so, but he did. Today he re-enrolled in high school. Lesson learned.
  • Life costs money. With all of the chaos that has been happening, I opted to have him start his own car insurance policy and be totally responsible for paying it. He did this when he got a job, then he lost that job. Whoopsie. Today he had to sell one of his laptop computers in order to have the money for his next car insurance payment as he looks for another job. Lesson learned.
  • Teenagers are dramatic. Now my T could major in drama, really, but it is hard to see it in yourself at that age. There have been several things happening the past few days where he has seen drama in others his age that has made him go ohhhhhh! Lesson learned.

He has plenty of life lessons left to learn. We all do. I do not think any of us should stop trying to learn. I am learning that parenting a teenager is hard still, but at least I am learning.

What was a recent life lesson your kids or you learned?