Achoo, achoo, achoo! Spring officially starts today but the allergies have been her for a couple of weeks already because of the mild winter (can we even call it that?) we had here in St. Louis. Everyone in our house has allergies of some kind or another and to different extents. Hubby is the worst. There are some things that we try and do to keep allergies in check.

allergens by yashima

  • Stay indoors during very high allergy days
    We keep an eye on to see what the allergy forecast is in our town. On red days we really try to stay indoors.
  • Do outside activities in the evening
    Generally pollen counts are lower in the evening, planning outdoor chores and tasks later in the day helps
  • Wash bedding often
    Wash bedding, especially pillow cases, more often to make sure you are washing off pollen and other allergens before you lay your head down at night
  • Change AC/Furnace filter
    If you are using one of those very inexpensive filters you may want to try the better ones available to catch more stuff in your home. Depending on the draftiness of your home though you may want to change them more than the filter label states. We change ours more often because we also have 3 indoor cats.
  • Shower before bed
    If you have been outside in the pollen make sure you shower before you go to bed so you don’t sleep with all of that stuff near your nose and eyes.
  • Wash your sinuses
    Yes, this really is helpful. Neti pots are something you may have heard of that gently wash out your sinuses. I use mine only if allergies are really bothering me quite a bit, but Hubby uses his more often.

We actually just received another WaterPik SinuSense Water Pulsator to review for this post, but Hubby has been using this same model since last August on his own. He used the other neti pots and bottles before that, but he really prefers this battery operated version which he says is much easier to use for his nose because he has some part inside of his nose that is moved (I don’t know – that’s what he tells me LOL). Anyway, he finds that washing his sinuses out like this really helps with his allergies and recommends them to everyone all the time.

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Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post and received a product to review. The opinions given are our own and not influenced by any compensation.