school lockers by JMR_PhotographyMy son will not leave you bored if nothing else. He had decided to leave school and get his GED. Now plans have changed again. He is enrolled at high school again to work on getting his diploma. Luckily there is a special program he is working to get in next year so he will actually graduate on time. He is so far behind in regular credits that doing the traditional route really is not feasible.

Fast food work was also something that did not work out for him. The chaos of busy times really is stressful for him we know, but he also does not have a lot of job choices right now. He is hoping still for a job at a local computer shop – that’s at the top of his list. He is applying for other things though also like shelf stocker, auto part store worker, etc. I just hope he finds something soon.  He was able to get together the money he needed for his car insurance this month – a little from his couple of paychecks and he sold one of his laptops.

I am at the stage where we really have put all of the responsibility on him. We have worked very hard all of these years to try to help him find solutions, but sadly they are short lived. He has to be willing to put in as much effort, no – more effort, himself than those around him. I am still here supporting him of course, I always will be there for that emotionally, but the work has to come from him. He has a plan in place, he just needs to follow it.

Today we had a meeting at school – ugh I was thinking I would never have to do that again – with his counselor and IEP manager. They are fabulous and really are feeling that they are on the same page as me as far as his responsibility. While I do not agree with a lot of the higher administration in our district, I have to say that we have some fabulous teachers and staff at our particular school who have always been really helpful.

So the major goals for Taylor right now are to go to school (it’s only a 1/2 day for 34 school days this year), have perfect attendance at school and zero discipline issues. He also needs to find another part-time job again, and keep it. Finally, take his meds as prescribed and be respectful to himself, us, and others. Please send good thoughts that he can achieve those goals!

P.S. He is bugging me for new shoes since that is a back-to-school thing always. I’m thinking this “back-to-school” is not quite the same LOL.