My cousins got me The Logo Board Game for my birthday this year. I was so excited! I had actually seen this at the TimeToPlayMag Toy Fair I went to last year and thought it looked so fun but had not gotten around to buying it yet.

The game is simple enough, answer questions related to specific brands. The first to get to the center of the board wins. You can play 2-6 people or in 2 teams. My family opted to play in teams the other night since it was a new game – we did men vs. women. Sadly, the men smoked us in all the games that night – this is highly unusual. It was not because they really knew more than us, because honestly the game is not overly difficult. My son (17) does not usually play board games with us but he did this time and he was fantastic at this game!

The Logo Board Game from Spin Master

Each card has 4 questions. They are related by a certain theme, like maybe “Mc” where all the answers start with “Mc” (like McDonalds), some Potluck cards, and some had brand logos or products from a certain brand pictured on the front and the questions related to those pictures. Again, none of them were really super hard, a few stumped us, but for the most part we were able to get the answers. While I do like challenging brain games, I also really like games like this that are just fun and not too challenging. I think it makes it more fun for everyone playing at game night since we have such a range of players from teen to seniors, some a little smarter than others, and some more competitive than others.

We all really enjoyed playing the game. It went fairly quick, maybe 30 minutes per game. We played multiple times even. I give it two thumbs up for sure! It will be one of those games we play often I think. The retail price is $24.99

Do you think you will try this game?



Disclosure: While I did see this game at a press event, this game was not supplied to me. As mentioned I received from a family member. Opinions are my own as always.