Elote or Grilled Mexican Street CornWhen I went to the DellCAP event in Austin we were treated to an afternoon snack of elote (Mexican for corn on the cob). It is not just corn though the way we had it, it was fabulous corn on the cob with lots of yummy toppings! Now this is not the way I would eat corn every day because of health, but it is a nice change of pace from time to time. Hubby loved this too!

I used the elote recipe that Chris from Dell shared with me.

Elote or Grilled Mexican Street CornElote or Grilled Mexican Street Corn
From the bit of research I have done it looks like there are many, many ways people eat this as far as toppings go. The recipe I used we grilled the corn first (I swear Hubby can grill anything) and as soon as it came off the grill we did the rest. I mixed together a bit of Hellmann’s mayonnaise and Daisy sour cream and some ground cumin first and spread that onto the corn. Then I rolled it in Cotija cheese that I had grated. Sprinkle on cayenne pepper. This next step I forgot – I was supposed to serve with lime to squeeze on it – DOH! Next time I will try that too.

What I learned from the first time making this is that we put too much of the mayo/sour cream mixture and cheese on the corn. It still was FABULOUS to eat, but we could have done with less for sure. I will go with a lighter touch on both of those next time. The Cotija cheese was expensive at my store, $7 for 10oz of it. I probably would have gotten a better deal at one of the Mexican grocery stores around here, but it was convenient to get everything in one place. Cotija cheese is an aged, dry cheese that is pretty pungent. I would say that if you can’t find it you could use fresh grated Pecorino Romano cheese in place of it with a very similar taste. You also want to make sure you get really sweet corn – that juxtaposition of the sweet from the corn with the spicy from the cayenne and smoky cumin is what you want.

We will be making this again for sure. Have you ever made or had elote similar to this? I would love to hear the different ways you have had it and different toppings or recipes you use.