Easy Shrimp Stir Fry

National Shrimp Day

Today (May 10) is National Shrimp Day! My family and I celebrated by having shrimp stir fry for dinner tonight. Being landlocked here in St. Louis it is hard to get super fresh shrimp, but frozen shrimp are usually not too bad. The only thing my family wishes is that they came with the tail off – no one likes having to cut them off at our house as they eat. If I have the time I cut them off before I add them into the dishes though because I’m just a heck of a nice person.

Easy Stir Fry

Stir fry is such an easy dinner item. There really are no rules for it either. Use whatever meat (or no meat) that you like – we do shrimp, chicken, beef, or pork. Then pick the veggies your family likes – this is where fresh veggies rule! Favorites of ours are broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms. When I think of it we add bean sprouts often too. Really though, use what you like and what you have and what is in season. I cook the meat and the veggies at different times, then combine all at the end. This way the meat is not overcooked. If you want to put in all your veggies at once cut the items that take longer to cook in smaller pieces and/or start them in the pan first. You can buy premade sauces and marinades or make your own. Garlic and ginger are great things to start with. I also always add some crushed red pepper. I never use salt when I make stir-fry though because the soy sauce has a lot already. Sometimes I serve it alone, other times with rice. Today I actually tried rice noodles for the first time and I loved them! They have a taste of rice, but texture of fine angel hair pasta and they cook in just 3 minutes! Hubby also likes those crunchy brown noodles – I think they are Chow Mein noodles. I am not a fan, but he requires this anytime I make stir fry. Taylor and I skip those.

Shrimp Coupon

I have not used SeaPak shrimp myself, but they have different varieties available in the freezer case by our seafood department I know. They happened to send me an email letting me know that they had a SeaPak printable $1 off coupon available until May 17 (or while supplies last) so I thought I would go ahead and share that also. Again, I haven’t tried their products myself.

Did you have shrimp today? What is your favorite way to eat shrimp or favorite shrimp recipe?



Disclosure: As mentioned SeaPak shared they had a coupon available which I am simply sharing with my readers. This is not a compensated post. Opinions are my own.