asus allinone imageA few weeks ago ASUS (rhymes with Dr. Seuss) sent me one of their ET2700INKS All-In-One computers to review. It arrived and I drooled over it for a bit – it is a very pretty machine! So after using it now for a while I thought I would share my thoughts. Overall I would give it two thumbs up and recommend it to others if this is the type of machine they are looking for. The price is about $1,400 – not inexpensive for a computer, but for an all-in-one entertainment system I think it’s a decent price.

I really think this would make a fabulous graduation gift. For a high school graduate this would be great for going off to college next fall. It gives them a really nice and large screen, but in a small unit that doesn’t take up much space. They can use it as a computer, as a TV (optional TV jack), watch online content, Netflix, etc. and they can hook up their video game systems like Xbox 360 to it. For a college graduate who may be moving into their first apartment of their own, especially a small one, this again saves on space – think about adding the wall mount too. This would make a nice family computer for the den. Something that the entire family can share and use. With the screen being fairly large and having such a wide viewing angle everyone would be able to easily see it to watch movies on even in a small den. I should add that my teenage son says, “Mom! This would be perfect in my room – you should give it to me!”

The following are my thoughts about the machine that I think are important to regular people. I know some want all the specifications and tech details, but you can read all of that on the ASUS ET2700INKS page.

PROS of the ASUS ET2700INKS All-In-One

  • Set up is MEGA FAST! Honestly, this was the quickest I have EVER set up a computer – I finished and I was like umm there has to be more to it, but there was not! This is a photo of the start guide. You just have to plug in the power to the machine and the wall, plug in the subwoofer to machine, insert the dongle (don’t you just love that word) into the USB port (It is for the wireless keyboard and mouse) and turn the machine on. That is it! I do not care how “un-techy or non-geeky” you are – you can get this computer up and running on your own.
  • The screen is gorgeous! I love that it is so big – 27”, but the actual viewing of it is really a very nice sharp image. Everyone in my house has marveled over it. It has 16:9 full HD LED screen (1080) and has an HDMI input also. The viewing range is 178° which means you can really see what is on the screen easily even from the side. Reading from websites is very clear and videos are super sharp! Using the Windows 7 Snap feature you can see that almost two full screens of 2 websites or a document and a website fit side by side and are still large enough to be very readable!
    Review of ASUS All-In-One MachineReview of ASUS All-In-One Machine
  • Under the hood so to speak it has decent specs for most users. An Intel Core i7-2600S (8M Cache, 2.80GHz, Turbo boost up to 3.8GHz). It has 8 GB of DDR3 Memory, and a 2 TB hard drive
  • Built-in Blu-Ray Player – I did not actually test this part because I do not own any Blu-Ray movies – but I do love the fact that this is built right into the machine on the side.
    Review of ASUS All-In-One Machine
  • Lots of ports! I’m pro-ports of all kinds. I like to have plenty of them and plenty of options to hook up whatever I want to my machines. Back I/O Ports include 2 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI-in, 1 VGA (D-Sub)-In, 1 RJ45 LAN, 1 TV Jack, and 1 Kensington Lock Side I/O Portsinclude 2 USB 2.0, 1 e-SATA (USB2.0 combo), 1 SD Card Reader, 1 headphone, 1 microphone, 1 audio line out, and 1 ASUS AIO Subwoofer Jack

    Side ports on ASUS

    Back ports on ASUS

  • Decent for gaming – my teenage son tested out some of his games on it. World of Warcraft did well although for best results he suggested turning down the graphics settings a tad within the game to improve performance while playing. We also plugged in the Xbox 360 into the ASUS and used it as a display for playing games and that was easy to do and one less TV/Monitor you would need in your home.
  • A small footprint. I love that this machine packs a lot of punch for its small footprint size. You can see that in the side view here. There is also an optional wall mount that you can get to save you even more space in your home.

asus allinone sideview ET2700INKS

CONS for the ASUS ET2700INKS All-In-One Computer

  • My unit actually was not working properly when it arrived. The monitor worked and we could connect to external sources also, but the computer part and the Blu-ray player would not function. Thinking maybe I was just missing something I just called the regular Asus tech support line to see if there was an easy fix. I did not have a long wait, but sadly the tech support person was not very helpful at all. I tried to explain multiple times what was wrong and he just was not getting it. Finally he got to the point where he said to send it back to them. I said thanks and contacted my PR contact then to get the problem fixed. I should add I tried reaching out to Asus on Twitter about issue also and got no response at all. I despise calling customer support for any tech product as a general rule of thumb – this was a good example of why. This is not a deal-breaker for me, but I know most of us want to know about how well tech support will be.
  • I was actually thinking this was going to be a touch-screen model, but it was not. While not required, I think that is the way more and more things will be moving (especially with Windows 8 when it is released) so I would have preferred the touch-screen.
  • A wireless mouse and keyboard come with the computer, but the keyboard I am not a fan of at all. The extra keys are in odd places, there is not a lot of extra space on it, just not what I want in a keyboard. I would like to see the option to upgrade to a better keyboard at the time of purchase – I prefer an ergonomic style like the Microsoft Natural series of keyboards.
  • The machine has a ton of ports which is great. Some on the back, some in a side panel. I like the side panel for ease of use, however it has a cover on it that is a bit hard to open and if you do have something plugged in the cover then is sticking out and doesn’t look so nice there. With the appearance of the rest of the machine being so nice, this is a pretty annoying item. You can see the door in the photo above of side ports.
  • If you like to upgrade and tinker with your computer this is not your machine. All-in-one machines like this are not meant to be opened up by the user for the most part. This could just as easily be a “pro” item since not everyone wants to do this – but my family and I do.

So what do you think? Is this the kind of machine you would use? Do you have any other questions I can try to answer for you?

Disclosure: I was provided the computer shown to test and use to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own.